Corporate Boards Can Learn from Private Equity Boards

In a presentation at the International Association of Interim Executives at the Four Seasons today, Prism Capital partner Stephen Vivian spoke about the unique nature of private equity boards. “The independent directors of private equity boards are much more immersed in active engagement with management, coaching them, mentoring them as they focus relentlessly on business strategy. ”

Often characterized as “player-coaches,” these independent directors play an important role in taking the company to the next level. Continue reading

Ed Liddy’s Advice for Directors

Welcomed warmly by fellow directors and friends at the opening NACD Chicago Chapter meeting on September 18th, Ed Liddy gave board members  the benefit of his eleven-month stint as chairman and CEO of AIG, his one dollar a year job that was called both hopeless and thankless by critics and supporters alike.

He had six suggestions. Continue reading