Corporate Governance Consulting

The success of a company isn’t in the day-to-day processes and procedures. It’s in the management. That’s why Karen Kane Consulting is dedicated to ensuring your company has the tools it needs to grow and avoid problems. You can turn to us for corporate governance services for companies both big and small.

What We Do

Our company works to create a capable and effective management strategy to guide your company through any executive rules and procedures it encounters. We focus on helping you build an accountable board with the expertise to counsel and achieve better results for your business. Our consulting services will help you choose engaged and strategic directors for your company.

We also bring to your attention common pitfalls or problems you may encounter, such as scenarios in the use of business funds, hiring family members, and distributing profits.

How We Help

When you establish effective corporate governance, you’ll enjoy a number of different benefits. You’ll boost your reputation as a viable and successful business. You’ll also avoid fines, penalties, and lawsuits that are often associated with audits and hiring. Rather than wait for these problems to arise, you’ll be prepared and have policies in place to handle them.

Overall, your executive team will run into fewer conflicts, as each director on the board will have the same goal and the same drive to create a smooth-running company.

Who We Are

Our owner, Karen Kane, is experienced in all aspects of corporate governance, and she understands the needs of a growing company. When you work with her, you’ll be able to go over the specific details of your company and create a plan to achieve success.

To learn more about our corporate governance consulting services, reach out to us today at 773-857-7009. We are ready to guide you and help you create a capable board of directors.