Leading Boards Become More Engaged in Strategy

One of the findings from KPMG’s recent 28-city Audit Committee Roundtable Series is that leading boards are becoming more engaged in strategy as they pay greater attention to risk.

As boards take a hard look at their risk oversight process, they naturally turn to the risk element of the company’s strategy.  The SEC’s proxy disclosure rules will require boards to take a good hard look at how they oversee risk.  “If there isn’t a clear framework in place, that’s probably job number one” according to the roundtable report.

As boards engage in risk discussions, they are becoming more insistent that management provide alternatives and choices regarding the company’s strategy, as opposed to the “review and concur” approach of the past. In this way, some boards are helping to develop and determine the company’s risk appetite.

As one director said, “It takes time, effort and calories to do this right, but digging into the strategy is the only way to really understand what risks the company should or shouldn’t be taking.”

Smart CEOs look to the board in the strategy process.