Leadership Lessons from Dorothy Gale

8-BOSS-articleInline leadershipIn her message to the young women and supporters of the Metro Achievement Center for Girls, President and CEO of ComEd, Anne Pramaggiore offered her perspective on leadership with lessons from Dorothy Gale of the iconic film “The Wizard of Oz.”  Pramaggiore was honored with the MAC Leadership Award.

Pramaggiore contrasted the two Dorothys of the film:  Back in Kansas, Dorothy Gale was a fearful and tentative girl but once the bump on her head that landed her in Oz, Dorothy Gale regrouped and found her leadership skills.  She sought mentors and a support system and showed an appetite for risk by traveling to the Emerald City to find the Wizard.  Dorothy Gale also demonstrated resilience in her willingness to fail, pick herself up and try again–all important leadership lessons.

And what a fitting story for Midtown Education Foundation, dedicated to improving the future of Chicago education by offering high-quality enrichment opportunities for both girls and boys through after-school and summer programs of one-on-one tutoring, mentoring and parental involvement .  In its 49 year history, MEF’s Senior Class of 2014 became the 15th consecutive class to achieve 100 percent high school graduation and college enrollment.  Many of the MEF seniors were in attendance, selling raffle tickets and assisting with the program.

“We’re very proud of you and look forward to your greater achievements,” Pramaggiore told the graduating seniors.