How Boards Can Rebuild Confidence

When the former general counsel of Calpers notes that boards need to assert strong independent leadership and take the steps that allow for the ” new phenomenon” of increased dialogue between directors and shareholders, you know that the idea of real director engagement with shareholders has taken root.

In his opinion article in AgendaWeek, Richard Koppes discusses the ways directors can rebuild trust.  Because Koppes has served for 30 years in highly regarded expert in corporate governance, his words should reassure directors, especially those who began their service ten years ago.

In an article “Giving Boards Their Voice”  in  the new Korn Ferry International Briefings on Talent,  I discuss  the shift–from behind-the-scenes advisors to highly accountable public figures. It  is a profound transformation that boards are only beginning to grasp.  The article discusses the importance of board-shareholder communication.  By establishing independent communication, boards and their companies may succeed in quieting dissenting shareholders and even winning the confidence of investors enabling companies to operate in the interests of the long term.